For our community, we provide an eco-friendly cloud mining service

as well as built-in mining equipment.


Mining Solutions


Ant-miners and Graphics Card Rigs are constructed for the community based on their needs and availability. We listen to the needs, make recommendations, and construct the most profitable rig for our community.


We’ve teamed up with a Private Cloud Mining Group to offer the world’s first eco-friendly mining service. Our Private Cloud Mining Group owns and operates environmentally friendly mining farms in Ukraine, Germany, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, and China.


You deposit Fiat or USDT (TRC-20) into our local office, our Private Cloud Mining Group mines Crypto, we convert them back to USDT, and you get paid in USDT (TRC-20) or Fiat from our local office within the first ten days of each month.
Before you may withdraw your capital, the contract must be for at least four months and the minimum amount is $10,000.

+ 40% Annual Percentage Yield
(Depends on how good the market is).

We do not have access to your funds; instead, as a mediator, we handle your account and ensure that everything is in order.
We have roughly $300,000, and the Private Cloud Mining Group’s total AUM has surpassed $20 million as of April 2022.


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